Mixed Blessing – Genesis 26:34-27:40


I hope you took the time to read all 42 verses of Genesis 26:34-27:40.  It certainly dispells the notion that dysfunctional families are a product of modern society.  It’s an account of a family at cross purposes and with misplaced affections.  Not one of the indivduals mentioned does what is right.  But the one thing they are unified in, is their obsession with a particular blessing.  


As foolish as this “first family” of Genesis looks, God is using the mess to make a critical point.  That point is that He is even more obsessed with blessing than they are!  Really!  God is obsessed with blessing.  Perhaps more than you realize.  He’s obsessed well beyond just this passage.  He’s still intently focused on blessing today.  So, as we look at the passage this Sunday, we’ll find out exactly what blessings are, who needs them and where we can find them.

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