Genesis 30:1-24 – Bitterness

cross of Christ

We pick up this week where we last left off in Genesis.  Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, set out to find a wife and ended up with two of them.  Jacob, the deceiver, had now found himself deceived by his uncle Laban and obligated to Laban for 14 years of labor.  It was a love story gone bad.  And it’s about to get a whole lot worse, as bitterness wells up among Jacob and his two wives.  And in all this bitterness, there is an offsetting absence of focus on the Lord.  It becomes apparent that a heart abiding in the Lord has no room for bitterness.

How about you?  Are you bitter?  Do you see what it’s doing to you?  Do you recognize the warning signs and what can you do about it?  Looking at this Sunday’s passage, we’ll investigate several causes of bitterness and discover its cure.

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