Great Escape – Genesis 31:1-42

Red exit sign

Have you ever been the guest of another person and sensed you may have worn out your welcome? Have you ever wanted to leave but couldn’t quite find the right opportunity to graciously bow out? I begin losing most of my cognitive function by 9 PM and have known to fall asleep on my guests when it gets much beyond that hour. I know – I’m the life of the party. Times like this can be awkward and non-verbal communication begins to take over. Well, much the same thing was happening in our passage this week, as the Jacob-Laban episode begins to come to its conclusion.

Jacob has worn out his welcome and he begins to sense it. Yet, it isn’t fear that causes him to make the great escape. He makes his move because the Lord is with him. Jacob is finally becoming a true man of faith and realizes that when the Lord is with you, He is all you need. This begins an important turning point in the life of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham and recipient of God’s covenant of grace. Is the Lord with you? How do you know? How can it change the way you deal with difficult circumstances and people?

Find out this Sunday as we hear from God’s Word and worship together at 10:30.

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