Genesis 31:43-55 – Worlds Apart

worlds apart

The lives of Jacob and Laban were deeply intertwined and yet worlds apart.  They were family, came from a rich heritage and had lived together in the same environment for 20 years, yet they were operating from different perspectives.  The differences between Jacob and Laban are not that dissimilar to the differences between the Lord’s people and others.  The Lord intends for His people to stand as a contrast to others.  At least that’s how those who profess Jesus are supposed to be.  The more Jacob grew in his faith, the more he served as a contrast to Laban.  Earlier on, Jacob and Laban were not that different, but as Jacob placed his faith in the Lord, the Spirit of God began to work in Jacob’s heart to change him – to increase his contrast.  This weeks passage in Genesis demonstrates five ways in which the Lord’s people serve as a contrast to the world.  I hope they serve to encourage you to turn up your own contrast and magnify the work of Jesus to those God has placed you near.

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