“Reconciled” – Genesis 33:1-20

reconciled cross

20 plus years is a long time for an unresolved conflict.  It is a long time to go without forgiveness and reconciliation.  But it happens all the time.  Maybe you have a relationship that has been damaged or even severed because someone has wronged you or you have wronged that person.  Maybe you both wronged one another.  Maybe you don’t even remember whose fault it was or what started it all.  In any case, it’s not too late for reconcilation.

Jacob, and his brother Esau, had been estranged for over 20 years, but now the day had come when Jacob would face Esau.  God changed Jacob’s heart, extending undeserved grace to a man whose name means “Deceiver,” and now that same grace was pouring through Jacob’s heart, causing him to seek reconciliation with his long estranged brother.  Reconciliation, at its best, is a work of grace.  God can provide that same grace for you, changing not only you, but your ability to forgive and seek reconciliation with others. Even if you don’t have a long unresolved conflict, like Jacob and Esau, God’s grace will still transform your relationships and cause you to depend more and more upon it.

Find out how, as we come together in worship as the body of Christ this Sunday at 10:30.  Sunday school for adults, youth and children is at 9:15.

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