“Disgrace” – Genesis 34

Cross of Jesus

We find ourselves at probably the most disgraceful event in the book of Genesis this week.  You really have to scratch your head wondering, “Why does God want us to know this embarrasing event in Israel’s history?”  No one looks good in this story.  There’s no mention of God at all.  He’s grossly absent from the picture.  Why didn’t God just skip chapter 34 of Genesis?  The answer becomes clear when we remind ourselves that Genesis is a book that informs our world view.  Genesis tells us who God is, who we are and about this world we live in.  When you look at this week’s passage in that way, you begin to see that, without the Lord, mankind gravitates toward sin and folly.  You begin to understand not only the difference the Lord makes, but the ultimate necessity of being united to Him through faith.

When you examine what’s happening with the Shechemites and Israelites in this story, you begin to see that you and I are a little bit like them.  Sure, we’re not likely to go to the disgraceful extreme that they did, but we are prone to wander into some of the same root sins that worked to their detriment.  The good news is, God not only wants us to see our condition, but His faithfulness in rescuing us from it, when we turn to Him.  By the grace of God, in Jesus Christ, we are able to see our condition and overcome it.  Grace overcomes disgrace.

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