“Resentment” – Genesis 37:2-11

Joseph sheaves of wheat

You can’t help but notice the recent battle (I hesitate to call it a debate – there’s not much debating) pitting religious against sexual liberty.  The confrontation is especially grievous in the social media.  At the extremes, each side seeks to conform the other to its morality.  The side with the most votes wins in the legislative arena and may very well end up imposing its morality on the losing side.  There is a tremendous amount of resentment on both sides.

How are we, as Christians, to think about these issues (see my sermon titled “Sodom’s Sin”)?  How are we as Christians to respond when our religious liberty is threatened by a secular society?  The rapid moral shift in our country has led some to cry, “Let’s take back our country for God!”  But is God really losing?  Has God already lost on this one?  No!

Our passage in Genesis, this coming Sunday, shows us that human desire for autonomy often exists amidst God’s sovereignty.  God is not losing and God has not lost, but the autonomous desires of humans fall under and fold within God’s sovereign plans of providence.  We’ll look at three human examples, on Sunday, to help us understand how God uses all things in securing the final victory, and we’ll discuss how that causes us to respond with hope, rather than resentment.

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