Unlikely Judah – Genesis 38

Cross at Golgotha

I love to preach through entire books of the Bible, as opposed to selecting a topic or proposition and finding a biblical text to support it.  That let’s the Word of God set the agenda, rather than my own personal rant.  It also forces me to preach on passages, like the one we’re covering this week from Genesis chapter 38, which I’m certain I would never otherwise select (have you read it?).

This crazy (for lack of a better word) episode in Judah’s life seems so out of place and yet it’s vital to God’s eternal plan of salvation and every bit as important as Joseph’s rise to power in Egypt.  In fact, God’s unlikely choices (as is the case with Judah) can result in no one else’s boasting, only God’s.  His choices and ways rob us of the notion that we can be our own saviors.  That may be an insult to your own sense of autonomy, but consider it an encouragement to your inability to find acceptance or justification in any other way.  This Sunday we’re going to see not only how unlikely Judah was, but how amazing and faithful God is to His promises, and hopeful we can be if we’re His.

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