“Butler and Baker” – Genesis 40


Do some days, weeks, maybe months, seem like a colossal waste of time?  Do you look back and wonder, “What was accomplished?”  Joseph was enslaved and imprisoned for approximately 13 years, and some may consider his time held captive a colossal waste of time.  But that’s not what our passage this week reveals.  Quite the contrary.  It points us to the fact that every moment of our lives has purpose.  If we have a high view of God’s providence, we must confess that God is always at work in every moment of our lives.  He’s doing something even when it seems like we’ve just wasted a day, year or season of life.

Maybe you’re in one of those places right now and don’t have a clue how God is at work in your life.  You just can’t see it.  If that’s the case, then I hope you’ll consider, with me, this week’s passage in the book of Genesis.  We’re going to look at how God was at work in Joseph’s life, growing him in ways that are become more and more apparent.  What’s so encouraging is that God’s at work in all His people, in ways similar to how He was at work in Joseph.  Not a moment is wasted.  God uses every one.

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