“Lord Willing” – Genesis 41:1-36


We’ve been seeing so much of God’s sovereignty, the last few weeks of our journey through the book of Genesis.  No one is stronger than God and no one can forestall His plans.  The Lord is not weak and He goes to great lengths for the sake of His people.  He has overcome sin through His Son, Jesus, and provides assurance of eternal salvation for all who trust in Him.  God’s will always prevails.

While we confess God’s sovereignty, His good and loving character, and rest in the assurance that our eternal inheritance in heaven is kept certain by His sovereign hand, we often want Him to reveal to us more than He does.  Admit it, wouldn’t you love to know all the twists and turns your life will take?  Wouldn’t you love to know all the plans God has for you?  In fact, for many, not knowing the answer to the what, where and when questions of life produces an anxiety that goes beyond curiousity.  That need becomes more pronounced in the middle of a crisis or when you’re faced with a big decision.  But as we’ll see, the next two Sundays, there is a way to be at peace, even without knowing all the details.

Our passages, this week and next, show how peace is found when surrendering to God’s will.  Though the circumstances of your life is different than Pharaoh and Joseph, you can find a great deal of comfort and assurance when resting in God’s will.  God has a plan and will for you.

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