“Guilty Consciences” – Genesis 42


No one enjoys a guilty conscience.  If you read most self-help books or listen to motivational speakers, they tell you a guilty conscience is a bad thing.  Is it though?  In one sense, yes, but in another sense, no.  If you’re suffering from a guilty conscience, you need to ask, “Why is my conscience guilty and what is the remedy?”

God’s view on the remedy for a guilty conscience is often at odds with the surrounding culture’s view.  The culture tells you to suppress those feelings and ignore them.  It encourages you to work on your self-esteem, as a hedge against your guilty concience.  It trains you to think that your guilty conscience is a very bad thing.  The truth is, a guilty conscience is usually an indication that you’re actually guilty!  You can supress your guilty conscience all you want, but that’s not going to deal with your guilt.  This week’s passage addresses the issue of guilty consciences and points to a remedy for your underlying guilt.  God’s grace is the only cure for your guilt, and this week’s message exposes four important facts about guilty consciences, all of which will lead you into God’s graceful remedy.

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