Moral Outlaws – Genesis 46:31-47:27

wisdom tree planted by the word

Dr. Al Mohler recently referred to Christians as the new “Moral Outlaws.”  In case you’ve been in a far away land, you can’t help but notice that American morality is shifting at warp speed.  What was the predominent view of morality, just a few years ago, is now considered outdated, intolerent and, by some, hateful.  These days, anyone with a Biblical world view is seen as out of touch.  Worse than that, Christians, holding to the authority of Scripture (is there any other kind?), are being classified by the culture as “immoral.”  The speed with which all this is happening is unprecedented in almost all of human history.

The response by American Christians has been all over the map.  Some are panicking, many are sounding the alarm and others are deciding if they can’t beat them, they’ll join them.  Yet, I don’t think any of these approaches is Biblical.  The Bible shows Christians that we are called into a world just like the one we live in.  And our passage in Genesis, this week, suggests how we may want to approach the challenges we face with our rapidly shifting and increasingly hostile environment.  Christians, I believe, have much more to offer the world than the world has to offer us.  That seems to be the overarching lesson in our passage this week.

This Sunday, we’ll look at a number of ways we might expect God’s people to function in this environment, and we’ll consider just how we can respond to our neighbors, family members, classmates and others who see us as the new moral outlaws.

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