Destiny – Genesis 49:1-33

cross and crown color

There are only two more Sundays to go in our journey through the book of Genesis.  I can hardly believe it’s coming to an end.  And what a finish!

This week we’ll be greeted to a big surprise in the ending.  Humanly speaking, it doesn’t seem like it should turn out this way, but it’s been God’s plan, since before the beginning of creation, to bring about what He’ll announce to us in this week’s passage. It may just change how you think about the advancement of the kingdom of God and your role in it.

God’s kingdom is present and advancing among us, but not yet fully realized.  Christians are receiving a kingdom that can’t be shaken, no matter what the circumstances of life or how things may appear around us.  This Sunday we’ll look at four distinguishing marks of that kingdom and consider where that leaves us, both Christians and non-Christians, in the period where Christ’s kingdom is advancing but not yet fully realized.

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