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“Marriage Matters” – Exodus 20:14

Command 7

This Sunday, in our journey through the Ten Commandments, we’ll arrive at commandment seven, “You shall not commit adultery.”  I just want to warn you up front, I will be dealing with more sensitve content than in a usual Sunday sermon.  I don’t intend to get overly specific or graphic, but adultery, and all it entails, will be more difficult for some than others.  So, I’d like to put you at ease right now and let you know that I understand I’ll be talking to some who are married, some who were, and some who never have been.  I know I’ll be talking to those who have commited adultery and those who have been the victims of it.  I understand that children will be present as well as non-Christians.  I know some attending on Sunday may have committed adultery in the actual act or, at the very least, in their hearts during this past week.  And since all of that includes just about everyone in the congregation (forgive me if I’ve excluded you), I’m asking God to speak to grace and truth to all our hearts as I preach on this very important seventh commandment.

The seventh commandment is important because marriage is a reflection of God’s relationship with His people.  God established the institution of marriage at creation and it serves as an illustration, for those married and those who are not, of the various aspects of a Christian’s relationship with God.  Not only is God jealous for His people, He desires their security, their intimacy and their willful submission.  If you’re concerned about being beat up by this week’s passage, then you especially need to come and hear the offsetting weight of God’s grace available through Jesus Christ.   Join us this Sunday at 9 AM!

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“Life Matters” – Exodus 20:13

Command 6

This Sunday we’re past the half way mark in our journey through the Ten Commandments, reaching commandment six, “You shall not murder.”  Surely, who could object to such a commandment?  Even the ethics of most atheists would heartily agree, murder is not morally permissible.

But it seems, the command is not quite as simple or straight forward as it appears.  Everyone would not necessarily agree to the full moral implications of the sixth commandment.  Jesus, the Apostle Paul and the Bible reveal that this command has practical implications far beyond murder as we think of it.  The main point of the passage is that God wants every human life to matter to you.  And this Sunday, we’ll look at four or five of the best reasons why.  They are compelling, convicting and life changing.

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“Resting” – Exodus 20:8-11

Command 4

Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one more day in the week?  Think of all you’d get done!  You may even think of how much more you’d be able to grow spiritually, if you just had one more day.  You’ve probably even said, “I’d read my Bible more if I just had more time.”  It seems, in our day and age, the most precious commodity we have is time.  We muse, “When I retire, I’ll have time to……”  Have you asked a “retired” person lately how they’re doing?  Most will respond to the question saying, “I’m busy!”  We’re all so busy!!!

If you think you’re busy, just imagine how busy Jesus must have been?  The crowds constantly followed Him, thronged about Him and begged Him for healing and deliverance. And then He had to deal with the the disciples, who needed a lot of hand holding and supervision.  Add to that the badgering of the Pharisees, Sanhedrin, scribes and others.  You think your time is in demand?!  Put yourself in Jesus’ sandles.

My point, in all of this, isn’t that you should get over yourself and embrace busyness because Jesus’s demands were far greater than yours.  My point is that Jesus embraced the Sabbath rest, given by God in the fourth commandment, despite all the demands on His time.  He found time to rest in God’s grace.  God has given us one day in seven to rest in His grace.  This Sunday, we’ll look at what the Sabbath is meant for and what it’s not.  And we’ll learn how you can find the ultimate Sabbath rest in Jesus.

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