“Property Matters” – Exodus 20:15

Command 8

This Sunday, in our journey through the Ten Commandments, we’ll arrive at commandment eight, “You shall not steal.”  Most of the commandments we’ve looked at so far, have negative (“You shall not”) and positive connotations.  It’s easy to get so focused on what God does NOT want us to do, that we totally miss what it is God would like us to do.  Sure enough, God doesn’t want you to steal, but what would He prefer you do instead?  And why?

Both Jesus and the Apostle Paul had a great deal to say about the eighth commandment, and have answered those “what” and “why” questions for us.  We’ll take a look at those answers, on Sunday, and learn how it is that “You shall not steal,” can transform your view of life in this world and the next.

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