“Truth Matters” – Exodus 20:16

Command 9

This Sunday, in our journey through the Ten Commandments, we’ll arrive at commandment nine, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”  In a general sense, this command is a prohibition against lying, especially as it relates to your neighbor.  In fact, the word used for “false” is the same word as “liar.”

But like many of the previous commands, you will benefit a great deal more if you consider the flip side of the command.  Yes, “You shall not steal,” but how might you positively state the command in order to please God?  If the opposoite of false, or lie, is “truth,” then God is effectively saying that His people will hold fast to the truth.  In fact, Jesus and the Apostle Paul interpret the ninth command in just that way.  Ravi Zacharias said, “The most important question anyone can ask is, “What is truth?”  How you answer that question will change your life forever.  Truth matters.

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