“Fulfilled” – Matthew 5:17-20

cross of reconciliation

Is Christianity a “religion?”  How would you answer?  I think most American Christians would say it is not.  A popular YouTube video, with over 30 million views, is titled, “Why I hate religion but love Jesus.”  That certainly fits the sentiment of most believers.  As good as it may sound, is that true?  Can you hate religion and still love Jesus?  It seems that’s not an option, according to Jesus’ own words, as we’ll see this week in our continuing journey through His Sermon on the Mount.  Christianity is an inside-out religion, founded by Jesus and followed by His disciples.  Christianity is about more than religion, but certainly not less.

So join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM, as we journey through the The Sermon on the Mount and worship our Lord together in the body of Christ.

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