“No Worries” – Matthew 6:25-34


What sin, would you guess, do Christians commit the most?  Is it lying, coveting, anger?  I haven’t seen any surveys on the topic, but my guess is that worrying is the sin we commit most often, and we do so without giving it a thought.  We spend so much of our time worrying.  If you have children, you probably worry.  If your finances are tight, your health is precarious, your job is stressful or you to do list is overflowing, you’re probably worried about it.

In these week’s passage, Jesus is telling you not to worry.  He commands, “do not be anxious” three times in this short passage and mentions the word “anxious” (also the word for worry) six times in all.  Jesus doesn’t want you to be worried about worrying, He wants you to know you’ve got nothing to worry about.  This Sunday, we’re going to look at the eight reasons Jesus gives you to abandon every one of your worries.

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