“Reaction” – Matthew 7:28-29

crown king and thorns

This Sunday, we arrive at the last two verses of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  And in those last two verses, you’re given the crowd’s reaction to Jesus’ message.  Imagine yourself in that crowd.  How would you react to all that you just heard?  How would you expect Matthew to tell us the crowd responded?  Matthew didn’t say, “And many obeyed Him.”  He tells us, “the crowds were astonished at His teaching for He was teaching them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes.”  The crowds focus wasn’t on their own duty or even on the sermon itself.  Their focus was on the Preacher.  They reacted to Jesus, the man, not His message.  The Sermon on the Mount calls you and me to that same reaction.  It causes you to consider Jesus.  Whether or not you’re in the kingdom of heaven depends on who you say Jesus is.  Join us this Sunday as we wrap up our survey of the Sermon on the Mount and consider the identity and authority of Jesus, and what that means for you.

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