Hallowed Father – Matthew 6:9


Do you find prayer to be work?  Is it hard for you to focus, to know how to approach God or to think of what to say to Him?  Prayer is hard for a lot of people, but prayer is probably the most important spiritual discipline of the Christian life other than the reading of God’s Word.  Prayer puts us directly in communication with the sovereign God of the universe and is used by God to carry out His purposes in our lives and the lives of those around us.  We need to be people of prayer, yet we often fail miserably at prayer.

My hope is for God to invigorate your passion for prayer and to transform your prayer life as we make our way through the Lord’s Prayer, over the course of the next six weeks.  The Lord’s Prayer is so much more than an element in our Sunday liturgy.  It is the model a prayer Jesus prescribes for His disciples.  It is the framework I use for my daily morning prayers and has led me down the path of a more focused and contemplative prayer life.  Starting this Sunday, we will go line by line through this great prayer and begin to understand how it aids us praying.  Why not start 2016 with a brand new or renewed resolve to grow in God’s grace through prayer?

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